Membership benefits:

- You can participate in conferences on topics relating to culture and cultural policies
- You can establish and maintain contacts with cultural organizations, institutions and activities in the Rhine-Main region 
- You can benefit from special opportunities in terms of the exchange of experiences and the possibility of engaging in discussions with like-minded individuals
- You will be informed about all kirm’s activities 
- You will receive personal invitations to special events and a select range of culture -related activities in the region

When you join, you will be supporting:

- A platform that networks and lends a voice to everybody on the Rhine-Main region’s cultural scene, particularly all those smaller organizations 
- An initiative to improve the cultural cooperation between the region’s non-business organizations and the world of politics at local government and state level
- One that designs conferences and special events on subjects relating to cultural policies and culture-related topics 
- That expands and maintains the digital cultural portal and the process of devising themed cultural routes

The annual membership fee is:

- EUR 25,- for individuals
- EUR 50,- for companies and institutions


Of course, as well as paying your annual membership fee you have the opportunity to lend your support to kirm in the form of an annual or one-off donation. You will receive a receipt from the nonprofit association allowing you a tax rebate for any donations of at least 200 euros.

Becoming a member

Become a member of the Kulturinitiative RheinMain and support the cultural networking of our region. Any natural person over the age of 18 can become a member, as well as institutions, companies and local authorities. We also invite all legal entities and companies to support the cause of the Kulturinitiative.


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